On March 19, 2013, our son Noah took his life. He was 21 years old and had been suffering from depression and anxiety for about two years.

Since his suicide, it has been hard to view Noah’s life without the warped lens of its ending. Now that he is gone, how are we to remember him? How does he fit into our lives?  We have found no easy answers.

We created the Noah Langholz Remembrance Fund to preserve his legacy and do good in the world in his name. We acknowledge, without hesitation or apology, that we would trade any good done by our efforts through this Fund (and much more) to have our boy back in the world of the living.

We hope that this Fund will ultimately help more people who are struggling, especially young people, to cherish their lives, navigate the ups and downs, and seek the help they need to stay in this world. We also hope it will help bring consolation to those who have experienced the trauma and grief brought on by the suicide of a loved one. Finally, we hope the Fund will help enrich the lives of young people in some of the ways that Noah’s life was enriched and open up new adventures and possibilities.

— Bryan and Susan

About the Fund

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to perpetuating the memory of Noah Langholz by supporting organizations, projects, or activities that:

a) were important to Noah at various times in his life and are part of his legacy, such as art, photography, film, cooking, surfing, juggling, international student exchange, and wilderness activities (with one goal being to create opportunities for exploration for more young people);

b) provide mental health and suicide awareness and prevention services, resources, education, and research;

c) help suicide loss and other traumatic event-loss survivors.

The directors of the fund are Noah’s parents, Bryan Langholz and Susan Auerbach. We disburse funds at two times during the year: 1) Around Noah’s birthday in June to activities and organizations that enriched his life or that would have interested him (i.e., part a of our mission), and 2) Around Noah’s death anniversary in March to suicide-related causes (i.e., parts b and c of our mission).

We welcome donations in any amount, as well as suggestions of organizations and projects that we might consider supporting. All donations are tax-deductible.